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What makes Global Data Services different?

Leading Practices
With many ERP implementations and Field Service customizations under our belt, GDS adds value as a proven technology leader who has seen what works and what doesn’t. GDS knows the right paths to take for the best results. We don’t leave that responsibility on our clients shoulders. "GDS understands the whole field service operation and even product movement and warehousing. What was really nice working with GDS is that they were able to give us additional insights on other best practices that they had gained from past experiences. It was invaluable."
Accessible Expertise
Good communication between client and developer is extremely important. All of our developers are located in the US and are accessible to clients throughout your project. We want to make sure your project is done right the first time. "Most companies outsourced development. It would take several months to produce and then not do what I needed. Then we’d spend another couple months having it fixed. With GDS everything’s done locally in the United States, they don’t outsource anything. It’s a huge benefit when I can sit in a room with the developers and walk them through what I want to be accomplished. GDS goes back, scopes it and when they deliver my solution, it works the first time."
Faster Time to Value
Shortening the time from “idea to value” helps our clients realize benefits to their business faster. This is mostly accomplished through avoiding delays and re-work. We are always working to exceed your expectations. "Many companies promise the world but deliver nothing. GDS, I’d say 95 percent of the time not only hits the timeframe but also exceeds what my expectations were in the scope. I just have nothing but good things to say about the organization."
Business-Focused Development
Developing great technology that delivers a ROI is an important part of what GDS offers. We strive to make a positive transformative impact on your business financially and operationally so that you can continue to grow and scale. "We've absolutely got a return on investment on every one of the projects, and actually, I think we have two projects going right now that they’re working on and I'll get a significant return on them too."
Exceptional Customer Service
Nothing is more important than our customers at Global Data Services. Once your system is deployed, we continue to be accessible and ready to assist with additional enhancements and support. "We haven’t had a lot of challenges with anything that we’ve deployed. It’s gone flawlessly."

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